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Enter the world of Samuel de Champlain as he explored and settled early Canada 400 years ago. Consider the respective viewpoints and attitudes of both the First Nations and the French in the animated Ways of Seeing module. Delve into interactive timelines, maps and primary documents. Make your own determinations about history when you produce your unique short film in the Movie Studio. Simply collect images, movies and text from anywhere on the site and edit your version in the Movie Studio. With one click, the narration written and typed in by you is instantly converted to speech. Add music and sound effects and voila! You’ve just produced your own unique version of First Contact. What better way to learn than to tell your own story!

Features include: Timelines, maps, Ways of Seeing, Movie Studio, Learning Centre, Resource Centre and Links.
Standing Up
Intro Movie
Beaver Trade
Champlain Timeline
Student Movie

All samples will open in a new window and will require the latest versions of Adobe Flash or Quicktime.