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The Law Project
Nominated for "Best Interactive Production", History Makers 2011, New York.

The Law Project is an interactive website designed to get you thinking critically about legal, human rights, and social justice issues. Collect media as you explore a controversial topic; quickly and easily create a movie with sound effects, music, and text-to-speech narration; then share your point-of-view movie via an email link. It's that easy!

Screenshot of Human Rights and Social Justice scene

To get your critical and creative juices flowing, each module includes an animated movie that illustrates different points of view. These movies are collectible in their deconstructed format for you to re-use and remix with archival media for inclusion in your own video.

Screenshot of Screening Room

The Law Project is organized into 7 themed modules plus a Teacher's Centre: First Nations, Residential Schools, Women and Children, Youth, National Security, Environment, and Human Rights and Social Justice. The Teacher's Centre includes curriculum matches to learning outcomes, Lesson Plans, 'Student Organizers', Rubric, and suggestions for assessment for each module.

Screenshot of Timeline

The site architecture is a template that can accommodate any subject matter.

Screenshot of Media Explorer

Features include:
  • Screening Room: View a short story in an animated, graphic-novel style format. View 'interview' segments with characters that have differing points-of-view about issues illustrated in the story. Collectible.
  • Timeline: Collect images along a themed timeline.
  • Doc Reader: Research documents and articles relating to a theme.
  • Media Explorer: Explore and collect media relating to a theme.
Screenshot of My Collection

  • Try Judging: Read synopsis of case for research and for judging.
  • Quizzes: Self-test for comprehension about issues in the animated stories.
  • Links & Resources: Links and resources on a theme.
  • My Organizer: Organize collected media for use in the Vid21 movie editor.
  • Vid21: a fully integrated online movie editor. Includes sound effects, music, and text-to-speech narration. Movies are easily shared via email links.
Screenshot of Vid21
'The Law Project' Monro Communications History Makers Award, Nominee 2011
History Makers Media Conference, NYC