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Monro's VID21 is a fully integrated movie-making system that lets users make and share movies completely online securely.

How it works:
  • Users combine video clips, music, sound effects and an instant text-to-speech function that converts written words into voice-over narration -- available in most languages.
  • Simple to use – just drag, drop, trim, save, and share your movie by emailing a personal url! 
  • All files and software are online. Nothing is stored on the users computer.
  • Secure, individual user accounts can access VID21 from any broadband enabled computer at any location.
  • No other tools required – no need to plug in a microphone to record your narration. The fully integrated text-to-speech converter enables voice over narration in most languages.
Benefits to students, teachers and parents:
  • Parents can feel reassured that their kids are actively engaged within a safe and secure online environment – your closed universe of content. 
  • Teachers know their students can save valuable time by engaging in focused “learning quests” on your site.
  • VID21 is a multi-sensory experience that appeals to multiple learning styles while building 21st century skills in critical thinking, information & media literacy, and writing.
  • Appeals to all ages from pre-schoolers to life-long learners. The simplicity respects the technological abilities of all students—more time is spent in ‘doing’ than in figuring out how the program works.
Benefits to Content Owners:
  • Plugs directly into your existing site – readily adaptable to your front-end branding.
  • Content is safely and securely managed to protect digital rights – movies are not stored on users’ computers, but purged from the cache after each session.
  • Content is interchangeable. Media managers can easily add and delete media with the simple-to-use content management system.
  • Monro’s VID21 provides users with tools to create and share their unique movies online in a ‘one-stop shopping’ environment that keeps users on your site while encouraging new visitors through social networking.
  • VID21 contests can be easily incorporated into promotional campaigns with contests or branded content.
  • Monro'sVID21 and the VidKit21 appeal to content owners such as museums and galleries, broadcasters, curriculum developers, schools, First Nations language initiatives, travel sites and health education institutions.
A featured tool within VidKit21:
Monro'sVID21 is a stand-alone extension of VidKit21, a collection of learning modules for organizing any themed content (video clips, maps, timelines, animations, science experiments, historical photographs, etc.). Users can explore and collect items of interest. These items are deposited into theVID21 clip bin for possible inclusion in a user-created movie.

  • Innovator of the Year Award 2006 from B.C. Social Studies Teachers Association at the Canada’s National History Conference.
  • International Globe-Gold Award 2005 for "Best Interactive Website", WorldMediaFestival, Hamburg Germany for the educational history website, First Contact, showcasing theVID21 online moviemaker and VidKit21 learning modules with challenges.
How it works
Benefits to users
Benefits to Content Owners

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